Reinvent the Wheel book cover
Reinvent the Wheel book cover

Well-Being = Wealth-Being: How the world’s top leaders leverage well-being for optimal success. You can BE well and DO well simultaneously! It all starts with the three truths that saved my life and will change yours forever.

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My mission is to impact and inspire lasting change in the lives of 100,000 individuals by helping them achieve total well-being AND extraordinary success in their personal and business lives.

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Reinvent the Wheel was named one of  Forbes  "Top 20 Must-Reads of 2019" and won the Axiom Business Book Award, 2020 Silver Medal

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Join me to master total well-being in the modern age. Discover how well-being drives personal and business success, and how the greatest leaders in the world lead from this place of power.

About Megan McNealy

Megan works with executives, entrepreneurs, and change-makers worldwide, helping them to achieve body, mind and spirit well-being, so that they can joyfully reach their highest potential.

During my 24+ year career as an award-winning wealth advisor, stress and imbalance crushed my health. In response, I created a revolutionary new framework for well-being, the Well-Being Wheel©, that completely revived my health and life. With my customized plan, I began to thrive personally and professionally. Well-Being Drives Success in every area of one’s life.

Inspired, I have interviewed dozens of other senior leaders who also are driving performance at work from a core center of well-being. My goal is to help YOU customize your own, perfect Well-Being Wheel©, so that you may live to your fullest potential.

Ready to achieve optimal performance, vibrant well-being, passion, and joy? Let me show you how!

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