A Happy New Year of Serving: How can you instantly get better results in endeavors that matter?

by | January 9th, 2019


Hello beautiful people, and Happy New Year!

Thank you for letting me take a few weeks off here, where I spent lots of time with my girls. We saw an amazing play, baked a killer lemon tart from scratch, saw movies, wore our jammies, and I miss vacation already.

I wanted to start the year off with an observation, or a rant, if you will. I am seeing this interesting, um, development over and over, and wanted to address it because it is so easy to fix, and so tied to your personal well-being and success–which is always our topic!

If you want something from someone, make sure you are coming from a place of SERVICE.

Quick story: I got a letter the other day from someone asking my business advice. I am sure many of you get these same type of letters. This is not someone who is a client (that is different).

This individual started out with a complaint about an industry, launched into asking me questions, asking for my time, but not once in the note was even a smidge of how I might benefit from answering. I know this sounds callous, but I am being completely honest. I have gotten dozens of notes this past year just like this.

Have you ever gotten a business communication, from someone you do not know that well, where the person asking was 100% “taking”?  They barely ask how you are, but want something. It’s a negative feeling, and as someone who is super busy, but absolutely loves warm people, the coldness of this type of note makes me cringe, and the request goes to the bottom of the pile. 

I am finding that so often, executives and entrepreneurs with an undesired result (of any kind) often have totally forgotten that SERVICE mentality.

When you reach out yourself, even if you can’t immediately think of something to offer, just taking the time to offer them a sincere compliment, such as “I so appreciate your wisdom, and think you would be the best person to ask,” would do wonders. It’s graciousness.

It’s easy to forget that SERVICE bent with how busy you are is and how fast you can type out an email only to get that to-do checked off your list. Ask yourself before you hit “send”: How can I serve the person I am asking this favor of? What would answering my questions do for them? Lay out the benefits for your reader.

What could you actually do for them? If you are wanting a meeting with them, could you bring them a small present? Their favorite coffee drink? Can you imagine how delightful that would be? If you are asking them a question, and you know anything about their hobbies, could you attach an article they might enjoy? Could you help promote their work?

SERVICE is tied to your compassion for others, your tapping into your heart as opposed to just your mind. It allows for much greater relationships, deeper connections, and for sure, business success.

I think that coming from a place of SERVICE is a game-changer, and I think it has the power to up-level the upcoming year for all of us! 

Quote I love: “It is ever so beautiful to be strange. To do things differently than others. To see things in a rare light. To me, that is such a gold to carry.”- Christopher Poindexter

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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