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You can always learn to improve in your journey toward a healthier life. Megan has learned that the best way to help others is through sharing her thoughts, stories and experiences. You can find out more through a variety of different articles right here!

A Life Well-Lived

This article was originally posted on Chip Conley’s Wisdom Well blog at Modern Elder Academy. The overarching thing I realized in midlife is that it’s one thing to have a life well-saved for, and a whole other level to have a life well-lived. I had no intention to shift away from what I was doing […]

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Fun, Ease and Home Delivery

Did you have a vibe that you wanted to create for 2020, that you consciously thought about during the New Year’s celebrations? I sure did. I even bought a felt “reminder board” for my home office with the three key words I wrote with the included plastic letters. Since my home flooded and we were […]

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Could you enhance your well-being during a crisis?

Could you enhance your well-being during a crisis? Absolutely. Could that boost your success? No doubt. We used to fear something serious, time-consuming and monumental might disrupt our personal lives so much that it might stall or even backtrack the momentum and success we’ve garnered in our careers. And here we are. During every personal […]

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Unexpected Holiday Well-Being Hacks

Feeling overwhelmed by your life and work as the holiday season and new year approaches? Not sure how you are going to handle all the work due (before everyone takes time off) and home commitments (another holiday school concert!) and the extra responsibilities of the season (like cooking, cleaning and arriving relatives)? Feel like you […]

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A Surprising Path Out of Overwhelm

We have all had a week where we were totally overwhelmed by the demands of work and our personal life. What can you do to preserve your well-being in those circumstances? These cascades of demanding responsibilities seem, uncannily, to happen at the same time, almost as if they are attracted to each other. We have a sinking feeling that […]

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The World’s Best News: A four tips for tipping into greatness

*****I LANDED A FABULOUS MAJOR BOOK DEAL!***** I have been waiting forever to tell you all this- my agent (Marilyn Allen of Allen O’Shea Literary Agency) and I landed an incredible book deal. Aftermonths of discussions with the editorial directors at McGraw Hill, Wiley, Sounds True and Nicholas Brealey (subsidiary of monolith Hachette) we went with NB! […]

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Power over Passed Hors d’Oeuvres

Many of us are trying to eat healthy, but catered work dinners and holiday events have us tempted by the passing trays of goodies. What are the top executives who have mastered this challenge do? I have interviewed a handful of incredible CEOs who are masters at the Eat a Plant-Based Diet spoke of my Well-Being Wheel©. This […]

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Stuffed with Gratitude

At this time of year, there are a million platitudes about being thankful, and how could you be truly authentic, really open your heart, and take it to the next level? Here in Northern California, we are weeping from the destruction of the Camp Fire, where over 10,000 structures burned, and the shock of all of our […]

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An Unexpected Way to Calm Yourself Before a Speech/ Mtg

Many people get very nervous before a big meeting or a speech. What do really successful people do to get in a confident, powerful state? The last three CEOs that I interviewed for my upcoming book all said the same thing about this question, which is when I knew I needed to share it with […]

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Wanna Little Transcendence?

Most high level execs and entrepreneurs are starting to plan for 2019, and some of us could use a little inspiration to focus on our next steps. Perfect timing. I have just the thing. Tomorrow, Nov 1st, is the online world premier of a new documentary, Transcendence: Life Beyond the Ordinary, and you can register to […]

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Meditation for Those Who Can’t Sit Still

Many execs and entrepreneurs are so “go-go-go” that they have trouble stopping long enough to receive the benefits of a meditation practice. What would be a good starting point? I have to admit in that of the eighteen spokes of my Well-Being Wheel,this spoke is the one that I had and still have the most trouble […]

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The Simple 9-word Question that Changes your Focus

Many successful execs and entrepreneurs “brace” themselves before a big deadline, a massive project, or a tough week. What are the highest achievers among us doing that would be more productive and less stressful? I see this mindset in many executives and entrepreneurs that I come into contact with– and that is what it truly is, […]

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The Rise of the Workforce “Athlete”

Many successful executives and entrepreneurs feel like they are heaving their bodies over a virtual finish line at the end of a challenging day or week. Then they celebrate by doing something that doesn’t help their well-being. How can we improve this? I have heard this story a thousand times from high-level colleagues and business […]

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The Power of a Secret, Kick-Ass Mantra in Business

Many executives and entrepreneurs– even highly skilled– fear public speaking, delivering that critical presentation, especially to a big crowd or in a high stakes situation. What do peak performers do to ensure even more success? I have been thinking about this a lot as I am really ramping up my corporate speaking these days, with […]

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