Being in Alignment and Bohemian Rhapsody: How do you know you are living your life’s purpose?

by | February 2nd, 2019

How do I really know I am living my life’s purpose, that I am really operating at my full potential?

Hello beautiful people,

I know this usually comes out on random Wednesdays, but wanted to shake things up a bit. This community can do whatever it wants, right?! The manuscript for my upcoming book is due in two weeks, and I could not be more excited about how everything is coming together–it’s sheer perfection.

My daughters and I were watching the 2018 movie, Bohemian Rhapsody,last night- it’s the story of the legendary band, Queen, and their incredible lead singer, Freddie Mercury. It received five nominations at the Academy Awards, including best picture and best actor for Rami Malek. He also won the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor. It’s an outstanding film.

There is breathtaking moment early in the movie after the band and Mercury have begun playing for huge crowds in the UK and the US,  when Mercury’s girlfriend asks him, “What’s it like singing for all those people?” 
He answers, “I know they’re listening. I couldn’t sing off key if I tried. I am exactly the person I was always meant to be. I’m not afraid of anything.” 

What struck me about this response is that it’s the perfect answer to our “issue” at hand– How would I know if I am living my life’s purpose and operating at my full potential? His answer is the answer. It’s that feeling of confidence, of peace, of immense joy that overcomes you when you are doing exactly what you are meant to do. It’s the feeling of being unstoppable. It’s a feeling of completeness. As Gary Zukav described it in an interview with Oprah, when this happens, your current self is like a lifeboat, getting in exact alignment with your “cruise ship” which is your soul; both are headed in the same direction. He said that there is no better feeling, and that is true power.

For each of us, that feeling may be a momentary flicker, or it may be feeling that floods through every day. Our goal, of course, is the latter. For those of us more on the flicker side, it behooves us to do more of thatwhich makes us proud and powerful, and to diminish that which does not. For me, I am lucky that I get this feeling in meetings with my wealth management clients (whom I adore), and now, the more and more that I write my book, the more that I hear back from the 18 outstanding CEOs that I interviewed for it, the more bring my message forth that well-being drives success, the more I see my soul is on fire.

Quote I love: “Love is the energy of the soul.” – Gary Zukav

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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