Introducing the Exceptional Executives

In Reinvent the Wheel Megan features exclusive content from 18 top CEOs, Founders, and Entrepreneurs who have mastered one of the spokes of the Well-Being Wheel

Spoke 1 with John Mackey: Lay the foundation by eating a healthy, plant-centric diet.

John Mackey

John Mackey is the CEO and Co-Founder, Whole Foods Market. In Reinvent the Wheel, John and Megan help demystify the complexities of healthy eating and give you the resources to craft your own meal plans that will lay the foundation for your personal excellence.

Spoke 2 with Denise Brosseau: Reinforce your chance at a fresh start by getting enough sleep.

Denise Brosseau

Denise Brosseau is Founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Lab. Whether you are consciously sacrificing sleep for late nights at the office, or lying awake stressing about the next day, there is a good chance that you are missing out on precious hours of rest.

Spoke 3 with John Worden: Become a participant in your own life with enlivening exercise.

John Worden

John Worden is one of the world's top litigators. John also has a blackbelt in Kung Fu, and credits his commitment to enlivening exercise to his success. Join Megan on a walk through how you can create an exercise plan that motiviates, excites, and enlivens your life.


Spoke 4 with May Lindstrom: Treat your body with the respect you deserve by upgrading your products.

May Lindstrom

May Lindstrom is Founder, CEO, and Formulator of May Lindstrom Skin. No doubt you've seen labels in the store that read no parabens or sulfate-free, but what do they actually mean, and why does it matter? It really is mind-blowing the kinds of ingredients that are allowed in our products.

Spoke 5 with Kara Goldin: Revitalize your system by staying hydrated.

Kara Goldin

Kara Goldin is CEO and Founder, Hint, Inc. Drinking plenty of water is one of absolutely keys to better health and well-being. Water may be dull, but it doesn't have to be. Kara and Megan dive into how you a little dedication can go a long way to achieve better health.

Spoke 6 with Yanik Silver: Shift into a mindset of worthiness by relaxing.

Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver is Founder and CEO of Maverick1000, and a Serial Entrepreneur. You might buy into the corporate myth that idle time is "unproductive." On the contrary, it led me to peak performance. It serves as a reboot for my entire system.

Spoke 7 with Rich Fernandez: Feel the power of stopping through meditation.

Rich Fernandez

Rich Fernandez is Co-founder of Wisdom Labs, and CEO of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. In Reinvent the Wheel I invite you to discover the positive personal outcomes of mindful meditation for yourself. If you can't remember the last time you stopped to just be, take it from me, you don't know what you're missing.

Spoke 8 with Marie Case: Free the helpless child trapped inside you by dealing with your baggage.

Marie Case

Marie Case is Managing Partner of Praemia Group, and Chairman of the Board of World Business Academy. Healing looks different for every person. In Reinvent the Wheel, I will prepare you to experience the freedom that comes from mending past wounds and letting go of resentment.

Spoke 9 with Steven Rice: Move into an empowered leadership role by aligning your values and actions.

Steven Rice

Steven Rice is Chief Administrative Officer of Vir Biotechnology, and Formerly of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. You've probably heard phrases like, "Practice what you preach," Although these phrases are thrown around conversationally, the idea behind them is rather profound: your values don't hold water until you align them with your actions.

Spoke 10 with Judy Belk: Embrace your authentic self by speaking your truth.

Judy Belk

Judy Belk is President and CEO of The California Wellness Foundation. We have an unfortunate tendency, especially in corporate culture, to avoid vulnerability at all costs. As a result, you may opt to stay silent. A choice motivated by fear, because you believe speaking your truth would be too risky. But silence also carries risk.

Spoke 11 with Robyn Denholm: Let go of fear-based motivation by honing your focus.

Robyn Denholm

Robyn Denholm is Chairman of the Board of Tesla Motors. Some of the most productive, focused people you know, yourself included, may actually be motivated by fear. In fact, many of us have unhealthy focus patterns in our own lives. Patterns that may be diminishing our power.

Spoke 12 with Gopi Kallayil: Shape your progress by mastering a positive attitude.

Gopi Kallayil

Gopi Kallayil is the Chief Evangelist of Brand Marketing at Google. We're all shaped by our thoughts, and our attitude influences our behavior. Gopi and Megan believe in the power of happiness, and give you the tools to master Spoke 12 and create a positive attitude.

Spoke 13 with Jen Groover: Bring vibrancy to your life by developing intuition.

Jen Groover

Jen Groover is a Serial Entrepreneur and International Speaker. Intuition is different for everyone. Some describe it as a "gut feeling," others as "just knowing." Known also as a sixth sense or inner knowing, intuition can be tricky to wrap your mind and heart around, but once you develop it, you can't live without it.

Spoke 14 with Riley Etheridge Jr.: Reignite meaningful joy by savoring spirit-lifting hobbies.

Riley Etheridge Jr.

Riley Etheridge Jr. is Former Managing Director of Client Segments & Solutions for Merrill Lynch, and recording artist. One problem is that many of us in the workforce think that there isn't time in such a busy day for something as frivolous as a hobby; we have "more important" things to deal with. Maybe you'll take up painting when you retire.

Spoke 15 with Chip Conley: Become the best version of yourself by prioritizing personal growth.

Chip Conley

Chip Conley is the Founder of Modern Elder Academy, and is a strategic advisor to Airbnb. In Reinvent the Wheel Chip and Megan will introduce you to practices and concepts that will encourage you to nurture yourself, grow, and lead a more authentic life.

Spoke 16 with Angela Macke: Clarify your inner purpose by connecting to a higher power.

Angela Macke

Angela Macke is Founder and Director of Light of Day Organics. Since my own spiritual awakening, I have asked other executives about their own spirituality or religion. To my surprise, almost all of them share a belief in some kind of higher power.

Spoke 17 with Kim Todd: Become the best version of yourself by prioritizing personal growth.

Kim Todd

Kim Todd is Owner and General Manager of diPietro Todd Salons & Academy. Whatever your unique outlet for expressing yourself may be, you will for a stronger connection to your identity as a whole, more comfortable in your own skin, more interesting to talk to, and many other benefits.

Spoke 18 with Scott Kucirek: Open your heart by creating intimacy.

Scott Kucirek

Scott Kucirek is Co-founder and CEO of OCHO Candy, and a serial entrepreneur. The worst consequence of an overwhelming professional life is isolation and loss of personal connection. Events are missed, dates are forgotten, and relationships suffer. We forget our greatest priority as human beings: each other.

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