John Worden

Area of Mastery: Do Enlivening Exercise (Spoke 3 – pg. 26)

John Mackey - Reinvent the Wheel Spoke 3: Do Enlivening Exercise: From Net Sports to Nunchucks

Professional Profile: Trial Lawyer, Partner, and Head of Litigation Group at Schiff Hardin, LLP, San Francisco

Favorite Quote: “Nothing in Moderation.” (pg. 32)

Important Links: Schiff Harden Website
National Kidney Registry
California Pacific Medical Center
Bok Fu Do website

Quick Facts About John Worden:

  • He has won 25 of his last 27 legal cases.
  • He is a Second Degree Blackbelt in Bok Fu Do, a form of Kung Fu.
  • Has won several gold medals from the National Kung Fu Championships.
  • Is in his mid 50s but in better shape than ever.
  • He donated a kidney to a person he has never met in 2018. He wanted to save a life, knew it would make an incredible difference for this person, and knows he’ll be just fine with one kidney.
  • Has two grown daughters and a super fit wife (who is also a kidney donor!)
  • Is a proud vegan- he travels with powerbars for extra energy.
  • Is in his mid 50s but in better shape than ever.

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Spoke 3: Become a participant in your own life with enlivening exercise.

We all know we’re supposed to get exercise, right? It’s not a secret that exercise improves your energy, strengthens your health, and boosts your self-image.

Everyone knows it, but still so many Americans struggle to make physical activity a habit. The concept of regular exercise floods their mind with memories of trudging along on a treadmill at a public gym, imagining judgemental looks from other gym members and feeling miserable the whole time.

Here’s a major secret: exercise doesn’t have to be a chore.

You can pick activities with an abundance of benefits that exceed physical fitness alone. I found a supportive community in yoga, mother-daughter bonding in kung fu, and genuine delight in tennis.

Above all, I found well-being. I finally started to feel like an active participant in my life again, after so many years on the outside looking in.

There is no one-size-fits-all way to incorporate enlivening exercise into your life. In Reinvent the Wheel I will walk you through creating a custom plan to exercise in a way that motivates you, excites you, and enlivens your life.

The Well-Being Wheel Graphic - Spoke 3: Do Enlivening Exercise: From Net Sports to Nunchucks

Learn How to Improve Your Overall Well-Being

You can BE well and DO well simultaneously.

Well-being and optimal performance CAN go hand in hand! Skeptical? Struggling between burnout and striving? Not there yet? You will be.

Join me to master my favorite topics: total well-being in the modern age, how well-being drives personal and business success, and how the greatest leaders in the world lead from this place of power.