Judy Belk

Area of Mastery: Speak Your Truth: Just Deliver It with Grace (Spoke 10 – pg. 103)

Judy Belk - Reinvent the Wheel Spoke 10: Speak Your Truth

Professional Profile: President and CEO, The California Wellness Foundation

Favorite Quote: “You take who you are through life.” (pg. 112)

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Hedgebrook – Women Authoring Change

Quick Facts About Judy Belk:

  • Her top core value is “the greater common good.”
  • Despite having very high profile executive positions with breakneck schedules, she found her writing voice at a remote women’s writing retreat called Hedgebrook, on Whidbey Island in WA
  • She’s an active member of a weekly writing group that means so much to her that she braves the LA traffic.
  • She is very close to her family, including her husband, Roger, and her grown daughter and son.
  • She was inducted into the Alexandria African American Hall of Fame in recognition of her writing and commitment to social change.

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Spoke 10: Embrace your authentic self by speaking your truth.

We have an unfortunate tendency, especially in corporate culture, to avoid vulnerability at all costs. As a result, you may opt to stay silent. A choice motivated by fear, because you believe speaking your truth would be too risky. But silence also carries risk.

The biggest risk of not speaking your truth is that people, many of whom are closest to you, don’t know who you really are.

If you keep your truth inside, you ultimately isolate yourself. You distance yourself from key support systems. You become one of the very few people who really knows the authentic you. That is stressful to balance all by your lonesome, and it takes a huge toll on well-being.

When I stopped hiding and started speaking my truth with grace (that’s an important part), it improved all of my relationships, business and personal.
In Reinvent the Wheel, I demonstrate how speaking your truth leads straight to communication mastery, which resides in the art of flawlessly saying what you mean to say, with the emotional intelligence to present your truth with the finesse and power to get your point across.

The Well-Being Wheel Graphic Spoke 10: Speak Your Truth

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