Marie Case

Area of Mastery: Deal with Your “Baggage”: Stopping Runaway Roller Coasters (Spoke 8 – pg. 83)

Marie Case - Reinvent the Wheel Spoke 8: Deal with your Baggage

Professional Profile: Managing Partner, Praemia Group – Chairman of the Board, World Business Academy

Favorite Quote: “If you want to lead, you have to find you.” (pg. 92)

Important Links: Case Leadership
World Business Academy
Divine Lineage
Earth’s Call
Peace Fires

Quick Facts About Marie Case:

  • Marie is an executive leadership consultant and coach, and her clients have included Allstate, Novartis, Reebok and Whole Foods.
  • Although busy and traveling all over the world for work up until her late 30s, Marie had always been interested in spirituality, and spent considerable time with noted spiritual leader Ram Dass.
  • After her life as she knew it crumbled, she had an incredible, life-changing experience at an ashram in India, where she met guru Sri Sai Kaleshwar, considered to be a living saint. There she was inspired to help “leaders create peace.”
  • She sits on the board of Earth’s Call, a nonprofit in Boulder focused on climate reversal.

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Spoke 8: Free the helpless child trapped inside you by dealing with your baggage.

When you are caught off-guard by a moment to yourself, do you ever find your mind wandering to the most painful parts of your past?

Unfortunately, that is human nature. It’s also human nature to seek distraction and push those memories away, into a dark box, only to resurface the next time your music stops playing during your drive home and you catch yourself alone with your thoughts.

This temporary “fix” just leaves you with unresolved pain, resentment, and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

At the height of my health crisis, I realized I could drink all the green drinks I wanted, but I wouldn’t be healing anytime soon with unhealthy, negative energy invading my body. This awareness shifted my perception instantly, and it brought about a new passion, really compassion, for healing the parts of my struggling self.

Healing looks different for every person. In Reinvent the Wheel, I will prepare you to experience the freedom that comes from mending past wounds and letting go of resentment. We’ll be doing some heavy lifting, but I promise you it’s worth it.

The Well-Being Wheel Graphic Spoke 8: Deal with your Baggage.

Learn How to Improve Your Overall Well-Being

You can BE well and DO well simultaneously.

Well-being and optimal performance CAN go hand in hand! Skeptical? Struggling between burnout and striving? Not there yet? You will be.

Join me to master my favorite topics: total well-being in the modern age, how well-being drives personal and business success, and how the greatest leaders in the world lead from this place of power.