Riley Etheridge Jr.

Area of Mastery: Savor Spirit-Lifting Hobbies: Getting in the Flow (Spoke 14 – pg. 147)

Riley Etheridge Jr. - Reinvent the Wheel Spoke 14: Savor Spirit-Lifting Hobbies

Professional Profile: Former Managing Director, Client Segments & Solutions, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management – Rock Ridge Music Recording Artist – Senior Consultant

Favorite Quote: “For me, momentum creates momentum.” (pg. 155)

Important Links:
Secrets, Hope & Waiting
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Riley on Instagram

Quick Facts About Riley Etheridge Jr.:

  • His meteoric career rise to the top leadership positions at Merrill Lynch coincided with the impressive rise in his music career
  • Practicing his guitar is a “foundation for his well-being” and his current favorite is an acoustic guitar from the small-production boutique guitar maker Santa Cruz Guitars
  • He enjoys writing lyrics on airplanes
  • He released five full-length albums while working in senior executive positions at Merrill Lynch; on occasion he was performing with his band at The House of Blues, and on occasion, he was keynoting at the Barron’s 100 Conference!

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Spoke 14: Reignite meaningful joy by savoring spirit-lifting hobbies.

Have you ever been so immersed in an activity that time seemed to stop, your concentration kicked in, your consciousness vanished, and it felt blissful?

Doing meaningful work for your own sake, away from deadlines and expectations, is pure joy. So why do our spirit-lifting hobbies often get kicked to the back-burner?

One problem is that many of us in the workforce think that there isn’t time in such a busy day for something as frivolous as a hobby; we have “more important” things to deal with. Maybe you’ll take up painting when you retire.

When we do have a break from our stressful day, we gravitate toward the most effortless decompression: social media, television, web-surfing, etc. These things are fine in moderation, but they’re not bringing you joy.

A spirit- lifting hobby is active, engaging, and energizing, and we rise a notch every time we do it. You may not have one yet, but it’s never too late to start. In Reinvent the Wheel I present some tips for finding, prioritizing, and nurturing hobbies that uplift and reignite.

The Well-Being Wheel Graphic Spoke 14: Savor Spirit-Lifting Hobbies

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