Power over Passed Hors d’Oeuvres

by | December 5th, 2018

Many of us are trying to eat healthy, but catered work dinners and holiday events have us tempted by the passing trays of goodies. What are the top executives who have mastered this challenge do?

I have interviewed a handful of incredible CEOs who are masters at the Eat a Plant-Based Diet spoke of my Well-Being Wheel©. This is a critical aspect of well-being, of course, because it is the fuel we are putting into our bodies. See the complete wheel on my website.

Yesterday, I attended a private movie premiere of the upcoming Armie Hammer/Fecility Jones movie “On the Basis of Sex,” the movie about Ruth Bader Ginsburg that comes out on Christmas Day. (It was incredible.) I ate super well through lunch, having eating a superfoods bar, fruit, lots of green tea, and my usual green smoothie (cucumber, spinach, avocado, hemp seeds and lime). Problem is that by the time I arrived at the pre-film cocktail party, with passed, hors d’oeuvres, I was pretty hungry.

And so there I was, chatting and having a grand time, and because I didn’t want to drink that glass of Chardonnay with no substantial food, I ate a small slice of thin crust pepperoni pizza, a few little bruchettas, and what I thought was an arancini ball, which turned out to be a ball of fried mac and cheese. I try not to eat gluten in general, but that was all they had at the party. Then at the movie, I ate some of the complimentary popcorn.  I woke up this morning two pounds heavier, not because of the volume I ate but because my body just can’t deal with all that salt. Ugh.

So what do the best among us do?

1. They have personal awareness and honor it. The most impressive executives share that they are highly aware of which foods make their body feel best. They can generally tick off a list of what they eat everyday. It’s super efficient for them to have their target list at the ready, their fridges stocked. I am like this when I am at my best.

2. They always have their own food with them. They pack organic fruit and nuts in their car, which prevents them from waiting in lines (like at Starbucks or god forbid In-N- Out) and they are not only eating healthy, but also saving time.

3. They eat in advance of parties like this. Many won’t touch catered food, period. So that it’s not weird, they tell the people they are mingling with, “I had a big lunch” or “I just worked out– I’m good!”

They key to success here is commitment– to your vision of what’s best for your body and to being prepared in advance. I can’t wait for my next fiesta to knock it out of the park.

Quote I love: “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was, in me, and invincible summer.” – French Philosopher Albert Camus

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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