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Your Self Assessment Results

First, let's take a look at how your overall mind, body, and spirit well-being:

Your Body Score

0 / 30

  • Spoke 1: Eat A Healthy Plant-Centric Diet:
  • Spoke 2: Get Enough Sleep:
  • Spoke 3: Do Enlivening Exercise:
  • Spoke 4: Upgrade Your Products:
  • Spoke 5: Hydrate:
  • Spoke 6: Relax:

Your Mind Score

0 / 30

  • Spoke 7: Meditate:
  • Spoke 8: Deal with your “Baggage”:
  • Spoke 9: Align Values and Actions:
  • Spoke 10: Speak Your Truth:
  • Spoke 11: Hone Your Focus:
  • Spoke 12: Master a Positive Attitude:

Your Spirit Score

0 / 30

  • Spoke 13: Develop Intuition:
  • Spoke 14: Savor Spirit-Lifting Hobbies:
  • Spoke 15: Personalize Personal Growth:
  • Spoke 16: Connect to a Higher Power:
  • Spoke 17: Craft Self-Expression:
  • Spoke 18: Create Intimacy:

Start Taking Action

Below are the areas where you scored the lowest. In Reinvent the Wheel I show you how you can start improving well-being in these areas!

Spoke 1: Eat A Healthy Plant-Centric Diet

Discover how CEO and Co-Founder of Whole Foods Market, John Mackey can help you demystify the complexities of healthy eating, and gives you the resources to craft your own meal plans that will lay the foundation for your personal excellence.

Spoke 2: Get Enough Sleep

Whether you are consciously sacrificing sleep for late nights at the office, or lying awake stressing about the next day, there is a good chance that you are missing out on precious hours of rest. Founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Lab Denise Brosseau shows you how to get a fresh start by getting enough sleep.

Spoke 3: Do Enlivening Exercise

Join Megan on a walk through how you can create an exercise plan that motiviates, excites, and enlivens your life, with help of one of the world's top litigators, John Worden. John also has a blackbelt in Kung Fu, and credits his commitment to enlivening exercise to his success.

Get Your Copy of Reinvent the Wheel

Join me to master total well-being in the modern age. Discover how well-being drives personal and business success, and how the greatest leaders in the world lead from this place of power.