Megan McNealy Has Unlocked The True Secrets To How The World’s Top Leaders Are Leveraging Well-Being For Success — and How You Can Too

Does well-being drive your success?

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In her groundbreaking new book, Reinvent the Wheel, Megan shares how she, along with executives, entrepreneurs, and change-makers worldwide, achieves body, mind and spirit well-being.

Now it’s YOUR turn! She wants YOU to joyfully reach your highest potential.

If you value excellence and are striving to be the best you can be, this well-being assessment is your tool to help you achieve your goals. This well-being assessment is designed to help you see where you are in relation to where you could be! With it, you can track and troubleshoot issues as you work toward your personal improvement.

Kevin Johnson - Reinvent the Wheel
“Each of us is shaped by our own life’s journey and yet we all have one thing in common… the human experience. The journey of self-discovery and living a life filled with joy is enabled through human connection and a focus on well-being. With Reinvent the Wheel, Megan shares a gift of discovery that can lead to a more joyful life.”
Kevin Johnson

CEO, Starbucks Coffee Company

“In Reinvent the Wheel, Megan masterfully shows us that we can change ourselves from the inside out. Step by step, she shows us that when we prioritize our well-being, when are mindful and have compassion for ourselves, we rise.”
Scott Shute

Head of Mindfulness and Compassion Programs, LinkedIn

Scott Shute - Reinvent the Wheel

Megan is an Ivy-League educated, 20-year award-winning First Vice President and Wealth Management Advisor at one of the largest financial firms in the world. Her consistent focus has been helping senior corporate executives who have complex financial lives, but very limited time.

After successfully battling several severe illnesses, she emerged dedicated to give back to the world and share the three truths she discovered:

  • Truth #1 – Total Well-Being Is The Most Valuable Asset You Have.
  • Truth #2 – Well-Being Drives Success, And Because Of That Well-Being = Success.
  • Truth #3 – The Most Impressive Leader In The World Are Powered By Well-Being And Wealth-Being.

Does well-being drive your success?

Simply enter your name and email address below and we’ll send you the self assessment:

Learn How to Improve Your Overall Well-Being

You can BE well and DO well simultaneously.

Well-being and optimal performance CAN go hand in hand! Skeptical? Struggling between burnout and striving? Not there yet? You will be.

Join me to master my favorite topics: total well-being in the modern age, how well-being drives personal and business success, and how the greatest leaders in the world lead from this place of power.