Sunsets, Exceptional Executives and a BIG talk for Mind Valley

by | July 12th, 2021

Beautiful people,

Has it been quite the year and a half for you too? I feel like I am looking up from my laptop at a whole new world. Anyone else out there trying to unpack the effects of the pandemic, how to uplevel by bringing any improvements forward? 

A few takeaways and a free invitation:

  1. The seemingly mundane can be more meaningful than you think
    One of the most beautiful things I did for myself (as things were getting colder, darker and lockdowns longer) was to watch the sunset every evening for a month. I simply walked up the hill by my home for a better vista, and soaked in whatever the sky had to offer me that day. Some days were overcast, and other days were spectacular. I worked to conjure my awe, ramp up my awareness, and tried to appreciate it all. Also, I realized how little I had been looking up at the sky, and that has changed. 
  2. Inspiration from being both home and away.
    So many of us have spent exponential time in our homes this past year, with unexpected time to reflect on our spaces. My home sanctuary has just the perfect vibe for me and my girls, I love being there (almost too much) AND I am excited to break up my patterns and travel again. Pico Ayer (incredible visionary and writer with whom I took a great virtual class a few months ago) says “We don’t travel to move around. We travel in order to be moved.” So true. When I travel, am I eager to see new, unexpected and beautiful views, which, like a deep breath, replenish my soul. 
  3. It’s good for your well-being to go inward:
    I often remind us all that our main goal is to PROTECT THE ASSET and by that I mean your well-being, because your well-being is the power center from which all else flows. Focusing inward and protecting your most valuable asset is a prime way to be of service to yourself, and as such, to others who rely on you. With the global pandemic, that self-care became even more important, and I found myself relying on my well-being wheel more than ever. 

    Also facing inward, I spent a lot more time reflecting in my backyard (while looking at the hummingbirds), wrote every day in my journal, and read up a storm. Being more reflective at home was tremendously beneficial for me the year after a crazy-busy fall when my book came out.

  4. It’s good for your well-being to go outward too:
    But goodness, I missed you all! I am buoyed by being of service. I have tried to find as many ways as I could to give back, and to provide inspiration, and during the pandemic that was primarily through my social media channels and podcasts. This weekend I have another *amazing* opportunity and I wanted to share this with you because it’s FREE.This weekend, June 18-20,  I am speaking LIVE at the Mindvalley Summit 2021. Are you familiar with Mindvalley? It’s one of the premier education companies in the world.They are featuring 35+ world class speakers, thinkers, experts and visionaries in every aspect of life…from Mark Cuban to Gary Zukav to Lisa Nichols to ME! They are expecting 200,000 attendees from around the world and they are translating some sessions into 6 languages.

    There are four distinct educational tracks for whatever you are interested in leveling up:

  • Mindset and Performance
  • Health and Relationships
  • Spirit and Soul
  • Career and Entrepreneurship (the track I am presenting in)

My 40 min LIVE talk is on Sat, June 19th at 10am PST/1pm ET/ 6pm London: 

“Surprising Truths about Wealth-Being, Exceptional Executives and Standout Success” 

Of course it is based on my passion and work around exceptional leaders and how they leverage well-being for success. I can’t wait to update you all on what these leaders have done to uplevel themselves during the pandemic. 

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Lastly, write and let me know how you are doing! Did you notice the mundane had meaning for you too? During the height of the pandemic, did you go more inward or more outward and what was the effect on your life? If you are planning on being at my Mindvalley speech, I would love to know you were there in the crowd!

Please feel free to connect with me on my personal email, which is I always answer it myself and it means a lot to me.

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