The Rise of the Workforce “Athlete”

by | October 3rd, 2018

Many successful executives and entrepreneurs feel like they are heaving their bodies over a virtual finish line at the end of a challenging day or week. Then they celebrate by doing something that doesn’t help their well-being. How can we improve this?

I have heard this story a thousand times from high-level colleagues and business acquaintances. The person has had a hugely successful day, or week– made it through a number of challenges, really showed up with all they had, and feel that they deserve some relaxation– which, of course, they do.

The issue is the quality of the relaxation they pick-  I see over and over is that the person will choose something like this: a few hours of binge-watching Netflix late into the night, while eating some processed comfort food with a few glasses of wine. The problem is that after a few hours of that “relaxation”, their overall well-being is no better for it- in fact, it’s worse. 

Our corporate culture fosters a belief system, “I’ve been good, and now I can be “bad.”  Many times that “bad” involves a few drinks after work, a Starbucks drive-though for a venti Frappucino. I even know adults who love video games.– you get the idea.

In my research of studying high-performing executives these past two year, I learned something incredible. They use their free-time to amass power. They behave differently than someone who is just “successful.” In contrast to the above example, a CEO might have a healthy dinner on the patio with their partner, might do a spirit-lifting hobby for an hour or so (maybe paint), may read a personal growth book, do a short meditation, and get to bed early. No wonder they are where they are.

We all know that Olympic athletes treat their bodies like gold. Why don’t we?  Aren’t we among the best in the world at what we do?

I saw an incredible post on IG by Jennifer Lopez (JLo) who, as you know, is a professional singer and dancer. She was saying that she did 15 shows in the last 27 days in Vegas, and at the start of the month, was worried that it would “wear her down.” So, being the total pro that she is, what does she do? She said she made a promise to herself that she would “be even stronger at the end of it….I will work out and be in the best shape of my life.” So, she used her off-time to amass power. See? Of course, she succeeded with flying colors, and reported yesterday that she just went over the $100 million mark in sales.

Use your free time to amass well-being- to improve your health, happiness and success.

Quote I love: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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