many people ask me how i healed myself.

the well-being wheel

The Well-Being Wheel© – my masterpiece mix of BODY, MIND and SPIRIT practices- has taken over twelve years for me to develop! I feel like I have tried everything out there (you name it!) along my healing path, but this is a visual of the tried and true methods that helped me heal myself and greatly increase my income

I realized that the Well-Being Wheel© could help me, and also, it could help others!

Each of us has a unique and optimal Well-Being Wheel© that can be custom-tailored to our specific body and situation. It starts with universal practices, or “spokes.” There are 6 spokes for Body, 6 for Mind and 6 for Spirit. Then, these spokes must be customized for YOU! With a customized Well-Being Wheel© that combines these practices, (and no two customized Wheels alike because no two people are alike!), we can unleash our immense personal healing power so that we can live to our highest potential, with optimal performance, perfect health, and happiness.

Learn how to improve
your overall well-being

You can BE well and DO well simultaneously. Well-being and optimal performance CAN go hand in hand! Skeptical? Struggling between burnout and striving? Not there yet? You will be.

Join me to master my favorite topics: total well-being in the modern age,
how well-being drives personal and business success, and how the greatest leaders
in the world lead from this place of power.

You will never be the same!

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