The World’s Best News: A four tips for tipping into greatness

by | December 12th, 2018


I have been waiting forever to tell you all this- my agent (Marilyn Allen of Allen O’Shea Literary Agency) and I landed an incredible book deal. Aftermonths of discussions with the editorial directors at McGraw Hill, Wiley, Sounds True and Nicholas Brealey (subsidiary of monolith Hachette) we went with NB! This is one of the absolute highlights of my life!

Manuscript due: Feb 15, 2019 (two days before my 50th birthday! Yippee!)
U.S. publication release : Oct 22, 2019
U.K. publication release: Nov 28, 2019

I was thinking, what, from this experience, might be of service, to all you high level people today? Here’s a few:
1. It’s very competitive, but that’s OK. In your industry, no matter what you do, and in the publishing world, it’s incredibly competitive. As you are aware, the people getting book deals who have soared in 2018 are, for instance, Michelle Obama, with her book Becoming. For a first-time author, people like that are my competition. I am sure that in your world, you know what you are up against. So, that being said, how does one go for it anyway and how does one stand out?

2. You must be totally aware of your differentiating factors, your distinct competitive advantage, and you must be able to verbalize that.For me, I was able to create a total well-being protocol (my Well-Being Wheel) that helped me heal myself of two autoimmune diseases and cancer, while working, and that had a tremendously positive effect on my business career. That’s an encouraging story, but not quite enough in itself. Secondly, I have a 20+year career (at the top Wealth Management firm in the world)  managing money for C-suite executives, and I leveraged my access to this segment to find 18 CEOs that embody both standout successand different aspects of well-being, and their interviews highlight each chapter of the book; they add an amazing up-leveling effect! Thirdly, I am an excellent writer (my undergrad degree is in creative writing and my masters is in literature.) I learned that, as in almost every business, good writing matters, and says a lot about you. Needless to say, in my book proposal, there were three full pages on “Author Credentials” and at first it felt awkward to toot my horn so much, but honestly, I learned that people really want you to make this easy for them! They want you to stand out in the crowd. Why should they pick you out of that huge stack on their desk, or out of the line-up of other providers?

3. It takes a village. A coach once told me that I would know I was on the right path (with this project) when people jumped through hoops to help me. How incredibly true! Although I shouldered 95% of the execution, I had 2 literary editors, 2 website coaches, 5 different high level business coaches (all bringing a different perspective and expertise), three public speaking coaches (I am doing keynotes now) and dozens of other connections that lent a hand. I am so grateful. Are there others in your sphere that could boost the power of your project with their opinion?

4. Deadlines help. So many of us are waiting for the shot to sound so that we can start running. Years pass and we don’t have that passion project even mildly underway. Having this manuscript due in Feb lit the world’s biggest fire under my butt, and I am writing a chapter a week. I have the attitude that this is my moment, I can’t miss my deadline, and this is my path. It has a sacred, important, powerful feel to it, and I wonder how many other times I could have re-created this feel to get something important done? Hmm.

Thank YOU all for being part of my “village.” Thank you for all the times you have hit “reply” to this and sent me a message. As you know, I write back every time! Adore you all.

Quote I love: “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” – Lao Tzu

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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