What Experts Are Saying About Megan McNealy and Reinvent the Wheel

"Incredible. Megan has created one of the most comprehensive models of what total well-being looks like. If you want to have vibrant well-being, with the body, mind and spirit all working together, this is the woman to go to."
Jack Canfield

CEO Canfield Training Group

NY Times Best-Selling Author of 'The Success Principles' and originator of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series

Jack Canfield, CEO of Canfield Training Group
KEvin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks Coffee Company
"Each of us is shaped by our own life’s journey and yet we all have one thing in common... the human experience. The journey of self-discovery and living a life filled with joy is enabled through human connection and a focus on well-being. With Reinvent the Wheel, Megan shares a gift of discovery that can lead to a more joyful life."
Kevin Johnson

CEO, Starbucks Coffee Company

"Too many people think of personal growth and career success as separate objectives when, if fact, they are closely related. Reinvent the Wheel provides a great guide to embracing personal growth as a way to improve success is every aspect of your life."
John Wookey

Former Executive Vice President Industry Applications and EVP Development, Salesforce.com Inc.

John Wookey, EVP Development at Salesforce
Scott Shute, Head of Mindfulness at LinkedIn
"In Reinvent the Wheel, Megan masterfully shows us that we can change ourselves from the inside out. Step by step, she shows us that when we prioritize our well-being, when are mindful and have compassion for ourselves, we rise."
Scott Shute

Head of Mindfulness and Compassion Programs, LinkedIn

"Reinvent the Wheel is a must read for business professionals and entrepreneurs who need to pay attention to their well-being while pursuing a successful career. Many of us have put our best health on the back burner and Megan illustrates clearly through her personal experience why it is important to make it a priority. We only get one life, let’s make the best of it! You are on your way to better habits once you read this compelling and interesting book."
L. Lee Richter

Founder and CEO Richter Communications, Award-Winning Author, Serial Entrepreneur, and Mentor

L. Lee Richter, CEO Richter Communications
Sam Horn, CEO of Intrigue Agency
"Have you ever read a book you couldn’t put down? Well, Reinvent the Wheel is that book. It is so interesting, inspiring, and useful, you’ll be forever glad you picked it up. Its innovative insights will change the way you perceive stress and well-being, and convince you to start taking better care of yourself, your career and your loved ones... now, not someday."
Sam Horn

CEO of the Intrigue Agency

Author of 'SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week'

"Reinvent the Wheel is must-reading for every high-performer. Drawing upon the proven practices of today’s most productive leaders, Megan McNealy gives you a personalized blueprint to increase your energy, improve your health, and rediscover a new zest for life and work. Read this book if you want to feel great and do great at the same time."
Steve Harrison

Co-founder National Publicity Summit, Quantum Leap, Bestseller Blueprint, & Co-owner Bradley Communications Corp.

Steve Harrison, Co-Founder National Publicity Summit
Pedram Fatehi, MD at Stanford School of Medicine
"Megan is a passionate advocate for her health. Her positive attitude has been a huge inspiration and a catalyst for her overall well-being. What a joy to work with."
Pedram Fatehi

MD, Clinical Associate Professor, Medicine-Nephrology, Pulmonary & Critical Care, Stanford University Health Care, Stanford School of Medicine

"A timely and relevant read for those of us who may not be as resilient and resourceful as Megan. This is not New Age sitting under crystals. It’s a timeless message that good whole person health and wellbeing define one’s success, however measured. With this book, Megan will become an inspiring and insightful leader in the wellness space."
Jim Purcell

Founder, Returns on Well-being, and former CEO Blue Cross & Blue Shield Rhode Island

JIm Purcell, Founder of Returns on Well-Being
Christian Mickelsen, CEO of Future Force Inc
"If you want to get the most out of yourself and your team, there’s something more critical than higher pay, greater motivation, or the latest productivity training and that secret is what you’re holding in your hands right now. If you don’t give yourself and your team the right support, performance will be on a steady decline and it won’t be noticeable until it’s too late. This book is the antidote to the secret killer of many businesses. I give it my highest recommendation."
Christian Mickelsen

CEO of Future Force Inc.

#1 bestselling author of 'Abundance Unleashed: Open Yourself To More Money, Love, Health, and Happiness Now'

"The goal is to be both wealthy and healthy – but is that combination actually possible? Megan McNealy shows us that it is. By weaving her own remarkable story of resilience with lessons learned from top business leaders, she masterfully disrupts the common belief that success can only be achieved at the cost of personal well-being. There truly is a better way, and this book shows us how."
Laura Putnam

CEO of Motion Infusion

Author of 'Workplace Wellness That Works'

Laura Putnam, CEO of Motion Infusion
Robert Morgan, author
"Megan McNealy is a wonderful storyteller, and these stories are like a breath of fresh oxygen, inspiring the reader with confidence and purpose, and exceptional models of achievement and fulfillment."
Robert Morgan

Author of NY Times bestseller and Oprah Book Club Selection, 'Gap Creek', & Kappa Alpha Professor of English, Cornell University

Reinvent the Wheel book by Megan McNealy

Learn How to Improve Your Overall Well-Being

You can BE well and DO well simultaneously.

Well-being and optimal performance CAN go hand in hand! Skeptical? Struggling between burnout and striving? Not there yet? You will be.

Join me to master my favorite topics: total well-being in the modern age, how well-being drives personal and business success, and how the greatest leaders in the world lead from this place of power.